News | September 5, 2017

HotDocs Announces New Partnership With United Records Management

HotDocs, the global leader in document automation software, and United Records Management, Inc., a national provider of information management, data capture, and governance solutions, today announced a new partnership that focuses on combining their document automation and information governance for the middle market.

(PRWEB) - With a focus on optimizing processes and minimizing risk, United Records sees this partnership as a natural extension of its services and is excited about the opportunity to work with such an established company.

“We see that by adding document automation and assembly tools to the services that we already offer, organizations will be able to realize the ROI of their information governance strategies in a shorter amount of time,” said Julia Mewbourne, Manager of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for United Records. “Whether the process is still manual, semi-manual, or automated, HotDocs can improve the efficiency.”

HotDocs document assembly software is used by corporations, law firms, banks, and government agencies to quickly and efficiently generate customized documents such as contracts, sales agreements, government forms, and loan documentation. The technology streamlines these processes to enable HotDocs customers to realize faster revenue, improve the customer experience, and reduce operating costs, all while generating error-free documentation.

Regarding this new partnership, Steve Spratt, Chief Operating Officer at HotDocs, stated, “Enterprise content management solutions (ECM) and information governance are critical for organizations of all sizes. United Records Management is a leader in this space and has a wealth of experience. This partnership is a natural fit. Our combined solutions will make it possible for organizations to achieve incredible efficiency managing the entire lifecycle of critical business documents – from initial creation all the way through to end-of-life.”

About HotDocs Corporation
With more than 1,000,000 users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries, HotDocs is the global market leader for document assembly technology. Document automation, or document assembly, facilitates a vast reduction in time spent in the production of high-volume, repeat documentation such as contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork. Widely used in the legal, banking, insurance, government, and corporate sectors, HotDocs software increases accuracy, reduces cost/risk, and improves efficiency in the generation of complex, or simple, repeat documentation. The software is available on premise, on desktop or via the cloud and can operate in a standalone capacity or as part of a wider business process management system, such as workflow, document management, or case management systems.

About United Records
Headquartered in Valencia, CA, United Records Management has spent years proactively perfecting their vision of exceeding customer expectations by providing the best service. URM pays tremendous attention to detail for every client. Their focus is creating enterprise content management solutions that fit every business like a glove. The ultimate goal is to help organizations increase their bottom line by bundling a range of services into one custom plan.

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