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Hospitality POS Reseller Relies on Mercury Payment Systems to Stay Ahead of the PCI Curve

Source: Business Solutions Magazine

Written by: Mercury Payment Systems

Partner education helps reseller overcome merchant objections.

For Dan Horrocks, a POS reseller and owner of Horrocks Point of Sale Systems, the topic of card data security naturally comes up when he’s upgrading a client’s POS software or performing maintenance. It’s an easy way to discuss the importance of following PCI compliance best practices with customers on an individual basis.

One objection Horrocks often fields during such conversations is the price of ensuring PCI compliance.

“There’s some resistance from customers to PCI data security compliance,” he says. “Independent restaurants often don’t see the need to pay for preventative measures because they aren’t concerned about a security breach occurring at their business.”
However, more than 90 percent of the compromises occur at small to mid-size merchants, according to recent statistics. And 81 percent of the victims were not PCI compliant.

“Mercury has done a good job of proactively helping dealers stay at the forefront of security,” says Horrocks. “Mercury’s education puts us in a good position to help our merchants be PCI-compliant.”

Armed with the latest PCI information, he can help clients overcome their hesitation.

“PCI compliance may cost money, but it’s better to be on the security forefront than playing catch-up,” Horrocks tells clients. “If there is any kind of problem, they’re going to pay the price and wish they had implemented secure practices and processors.”

Horrocks is especially concerned for his non-Mercury customers because he has experienced Mercury’s commitment to PCI compliance and their POS-specific transaction knowledge. When one of Horrock’s POS customers was still using a non-compliant processor, he urged them to consider Mercury.

“We conveyed the PCI-compliance features of Mercury with Maitre’D,” says Horrocks. “After interacting with Mercury’s sales team and considering their options, our client switched to Mercury.”

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