Hospital Unit Dose Packaging

Hospital Unit Dose Packaging

For medication dispensing at the patient bedside, Pharma Packaging Solutions can help you deliver blister pack or bottle solution.

Institutional pharmacies are used to buying in bulk and repackaging and debulking onsite into Unit Dose Packaging, but if the quantities, packaging specifications or federal requirements are too much for an onsite pharmacy facility, our contract packaging team can help meet all the regulations and issues. It has been said that quality is perhaps the hardest thing to put a price tag on – Pharma Packaging Solutions recognizes the need for quality outsourcing solutions – know that our rigorous current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) quality systems meet even the most stringent requirements.

Providing bottle or blister-format packaging containing oral solid medications (tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels, liquid gels, or gel caps) used by acute care, long-term and extended care facilities as well as retail and institutional pharmacies, we help by delivering a cost saving, efficient program so that pharmacies do not have to commit time and money to onsite packaging operations. Institutional pharmacies can avoid committing to new full time employees or replacing aging packaging equipment by outsourcing the packaging to associates who understand the pharmaceutical supply chain and the vital importance of delivering compliant packaging on time.

We can work with Group Purchasing Organizations, institutional pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and many other organizations to produce this unique packaging type. Particularly if special needs are required (relabeling, reserializing, deblistering and more), Pharma Packaging Solutions may be a good fit for your unique requirements.