High-Speed Infrared Camera: FAST-IR M350z

High-Speed Infrared Camera: FAST-IR M350z

TELOPS’ new FAST 350z camera from the FAST-IR series is designed with a maximum data throughput larger than 1 Gigapixel/s and can produce thermal images at rates up to 355 fps. With high sensitivity for temperature differences as small as 20 mK, these high-performance cameras enable the detection of challenging targets in many IR signature and target ranging applications.

The FAST 350z features 1 GB memory for autonomous operation, an InSb detector type, and an operating spectral range from 3.6 μm to 4.9 μm. Unique proprietary real-time processing of infrared images including NUC, radiometric temperature, automated exposure control (AEC) and enhanced high-dynamic-range imaging (EHDRI) offer benefits like ease of use and operation flexibility while getting accurate measurements over the entire camera’s operation range.

Additional FAST 350z features include:

  • Detector Type: InSb
  • Spatial Resolution 640 × 512 Pixels
  • Detector Pitch: 15 Μm
  • Aperture Size: F/4
  • Lens Mount Bayonet Interface

For additional specifications and operating parameters, download the available datasheet.