High Resolution Lenses For Large Format Cameras: Xenon-Emerald Series


Schneider Optics' Xenon-Emerald series is designed for large format cameras with up to 29 MP sensors. These compact, low-distortion lenses feature an image diameter of 43.2 mm and are lockable in distance and aperture.

The Xenon-Emerald series are suited for short range (S) and long range (L) use as well as a uniform image quality over the whole sensor area. The 400 to 1,000nm broadband coating makes them suitable for applications in the visible and near infrared spectrum. A variety of alternative mounts makes them even more flexible for a wide range of applications in machine vision, quality control, web inspection, and other image processing applications.

Download the available datasheet for an example of one of the Xenon-Emerald models. Click here to visit the webpage with additional models and information.

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