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Hershey's Pursuit Of Food Safety

Hershey’s Pursuit Of Food Safety


Xtreme® Rare Earth Grate Magnet
Hershey’s Chocolate World’s “Create Your Own Candy Bar” attraction lets visitors make custom candy bars through a simulated production line. Safeguard s needed to be put in place to capture any hazardous metal that may come from an ingredient supplier or fall into the product through the manufacturing process.

Each dry ingredient flows through a feeder equipped  with an Eriez® Xtreme® Rare Earth (RE) Grate Magnet, specifically designed to catch any ferrous contamination before the dry ingredient is metered onto the candy bar. Another Eriez RE Grate Magnet is positioned inside a seventh hopper that dispenses sprinkles.

Xtreme Rare Earth Tube Magnet
Additionally, one Eriez Xtreme® RE Tube Magnet is housed within the pipe supplying chocolate to the enrober, a machine that showers the inclusio n-packed bars with a waterfall of liquid chocolate. Finally, one Eriez Xtreme®RE Grate Magnet is locate d inside a screener that processes recycled chocolate. In total, nine Eriez Xtreme® RE Magnets are utilized in the production process.

Don Mastrorocco, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Compliance at The Hershey Company, says Rare Earth magnets plays a critical role in meeting  safety guidelines. “Rare Earth magnets (REM) are an important component of a food safety program. A properly established and operating REM control point enables a manufacturing operation to react quickly to unusual metal findings by pinpointing and correcting the cause so that a serious food safety incident or costly equipment damage is avoided.”