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Headworks Bar Screens Solve Reweaving Problems At East Greenbush, NY Pump Station - And More!

Headworks Bar Screens Solve Reweaving Problems At East Greenbush, NY Pump Station - And More!

In the late 1620s, the Dutch immigrants to what was later to become the United States began a settlement on the shores of the Hudson River with a fort being built in 1669. That development has grown into what is now East Greenbush, NY, a small town in upstate New York in the suburbs of Albany, the state Capitol. During the War of 1812, the area of East Greenbush behind the Town Hall was the site of a huge cantonment, occupied by over 5,000 soldiers, which included a hospital, barracks and an arsenal. Headworks International is proud to be part of this historic town's continuous focus on maintaining the water quality in the region.

The Corliss Avenue Pumping Station is a typical pumping station used in moving municipal wastewater through the piping distribution system eventually to the treatment plant. After the town installed a grinder at the station to chop up the solid debris prior to damaging the pumps, they started to have tremendous problems with ground up rags reweaving and clogging up pumps and other equipment downstream. Reweaving has become a significant problem in the USA and abroad, particularly as the expansion of so-called "disposable" baby wipes has proliferated. Wastewater treatment operators are struggling with this issue which can cause huge balls of material to wad up blocking the entire treatment system.

The City worked with a local engineer to evaluate potential solutions to this problem and after a thorough analysis of available technology and a competitive bid process, settled on the installation of a Headworks MS2 Bar Screen with ¾” bar spacing. Since the installation of this unit, the problems with reweaving have completely disappeared!

The engineers and operators were so impressed with the performance of the screen that they quickly started to look at installing some new screens at the main treatment plant as well. In 2013, they underwent a competitive bid process and due to the excellent experience they had with the unit at the pump station, they chose Headworks as the supplier for the main plant as well. The plant handles 9 million gallons per day of effluent from the City. The project involved the installation of two Headworks MS2 Bar Screens with ½” bar spacing, each with a Headworks Screwpactor 220 washer compactor to dewater and compact the solids before hauling them off.

Mr. George Lovely, Operator for the facility is an enthusiastic fan of Headworks' equipment. "We have really enjoyed our success with the Headworks Screens, both at our pump station and at our Treatment Plant. We first replaced a grinder at our Corliss Ave Pump station. The problem was that the rags would be ground up by the grinder only to reweave further down in our collection system and clog up our pumps. We put the new screen in and that problem went away. Since then we have added two more screens at our main treatment plant. Really happy with Headworks and their local support," said Mr. Lovely.

At Headworks, we strive to ensure our customers get a solution that works for their needs so that when they need another screening solution, they know they don’t have to look elsewhere. If your team is considering upgrading the screens at your wastewater treatment facility, start by calling the market leader in the business. Our sales engineers at +1-713-647-6667 or and our local manufacturers' representatives have tackled some of the most challenging applications in the world and are sure to have a solution for you!