News | October 21, 2019

Handpoint Proves Payments Can Be Innovative As Well As PCI-P2PE

It’s not easy to innovate when you’re battling complexity, security, and compliance concerns. However, Handpoint, the global payments provider, has succeeded in bringing to the industry modern and advanced payment solutions whilst maintaining its stringent point-to-point-encryption (P2PE) certification, as validated by the official PCI Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC).

Security has always been an essential priority for Handpoint, who delivers advanced payment solutions with differing, intuitive card readers options: from the compact and portable to the multi-use with in-built barcode scanners or printers. Ultimately, merchants can enhance their checkout experience and provide excellent customer interaction by going mobile to accept all forms of payments through a rigorously-protected platform. With the rise of smart devices in use as part of the checkout ecosystem, it is ever more necessary for merchants to team up with solution providers who can deliver this highly-secure and officially-recognised security protection. The Handpoint platform was built with a focus on PCI-P2PE architecture which then led to Handpoint being the world's first mPOS provider to receive PCI-P2PE validation for its payment application. Handpoint now supports its partners with its secure software terminal, international gateway, and terminal management system on 3 continents.

This security standard, together with how the Handpoint card readers include remote key and software injection, means that the Handpoint payment application is extremely safe as well as being quick and easy to set-up. Merchants and their customers can have full trust in the ease-of-use, speed of the payment transactions and the protection of the transactional details with the Handpoint payment application. For more information, visit

Source: Handpoint