Guest Column | November 21, 2016

4 Hacks To Faster Customer Onboarding

Partner Onboarding

By Rick Costanzo, president and general manager, Kodak Alaris Information Management

Customer onboarding is a crucial first stage in the customer experience. After all, first impressions make lasting impacts. Evidence suggests we form first impressions in about 1/10 of a second and those impressions are pretty hard to shake. Furthermore, research shows 94 percent of customers who have a “low-effort experience” will buy from that same company again. For these reasons, effective and speedy customer onboarding is absolutely critical. It’s an important moment of truth for any organization, and if done poorly, customer onboarding is where the seed of churn is planted.

A great customer onboarding experience starts by reducing complexity. Routine processes like customer onboarding frequently become bogged down by the sheer volume of data and documents. This leads to a process that takes too many steps and zig-zags between paper and digital touchpoints.

The good news is improving the customer onboarding process doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Making small improvements can have a sizable impact and substantial pay-offs, and don’t take a great deal of time or resources.

Businesses can move the needle — today — by streamlining customer onboarding with these four steps.