Global Sourcing

Amber Road

Retail buyers and merchandisers are continuously tasked with sourcing new merchandise and comparing to existing products to ensure their product lines remain competitive in the marketplace. With multiple seasons and programs to support, it is challenging to identify new supply sources, review new products with existing suppliers, negotiate contracts and confirm timely supplier production runs.

In the highly competitive and fast-paced retail and brand-focused environments, global sourcing has become an inherent strategy for companies to excel in the marketplace. By streamlining supplier on-boarding and management processes, companies can start the sourcing phase and optimize their supplier selection decisions, including taking advantage of preferential trade agreements. The online costing tool and side-by-side price comparisons provide functionality to evaluate a range of product, duty and shipment costs before issuing orders. The platform handles material and/or finished goods order collaboration with integration to the ERP for all of the types of POs, and provides visibility into the pre- and in-production tracking (WIP) milestones. Suppliers can then create and compile the required shipment preparation documents for import/ export compliance before moving the goods into ship mode.

The Amber Road Solution

Amber Road’s Global Sourcing solutions take all international sourcing factors into consideration for retail and brand-focused organizations. Through integration to line and merchandise planning, ERP and other external systems, Amber Road improves operational productivity by consolidating order data and streamlining all functional areas across the entire retail ecosystem.

These collaborative solutions streamline real-time visibility with brands, retailers and suppliers to improve the planning, forecasting, and raw material reservation processes. The Global Sourcing modules also automate and centralize the supplier approval process and documentation requirements into one platform, resulting in improved process efficiencies, increased production visibility and improved supplier performance. With these capabilities, retailers and brands reduce risks, errors and delays in the production process.

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