News | February 15, 2022

Glebar Adds Value Through Secondary Process Integration Wire Cutter And Extractor With Its Automated Guidewire Grinding Machine

Glebar, a global manufacturer of centerless grinders and electrochemical cut-off and grinding equipment, today announced that it expanded secondary process capabilities with the option to integrate its Wire Cutter and Extractor with the GT-9AC Automated Medical Guidewire Grinding Machine. This allows for double-ended grinds and grinding multiple short parts from the same 10-foot wire without stopping for a changeover, reducing downtime.

Positioned after the grinding zone, the Wire Cutter uses bushings for a burr-free cut while the Wire Extractor pulls the finished part out of the grinding zone, with its gripper mechanism, placing it in the receiving tray. Glebar engineers program the Wire Cutter and Extractor to connect with the Wire Feeder and GT-9AC Grinder virtually eliminating manual touchpoints, producing higher throughputs.

“Customers are looking to enhance accuracy and repeatability while reducing cycle times and increasing yields,” said Mark Bannayan, VP Sales of Glebar. “This secondary integration gives customers the ability to process multiple short parts from one long wire; feeding, grinding, cutting and extracting all the while maintaining tighter tolerances.”

The GT-9AC Guidewire Grinder uses the Wire Feeder to automatically pick, load, and stage wires for a continuous feed. To produce a more consistent grind and maintain tighter tolerances, a 1-micron encoder extends the length of the feeder updating the wire position every 0.00025". The option to integrate the Wire Cutter and Extractor increase the GT-9AC’s capabilities.

The GT-9AC grinds medical guidewires with multiple tapers, paddles, and parabolic shapes. Operators can easily and precisely change the wire profile or length using the touchscreen HMI, resulting in faster changeovers, increasing throughput.

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Source: Glebar