News | August 15, 2019

Gatekeeper Sets The Standard For Artificial Intelligence In Contract Management With AI Extract

Gatekeeper's latest product enhancement - AI Extract - solves a key problem for businesses by dramatically reducing the manual work involved to digitise their legacy contracts. Using advanced OCR and artificial intelligence, it automatically extracts key contract information and uses it to create an accurate digital record inside Gatekeeper. No more transcription or reading through pages and pages of contract information scanning for key data points.

London (PRWEB) - Gatekeeper, a cutting-edge Contract & Vendor Management solution, has released its latest major product enhancement - AI Extract™.

Built to solve a specific business problem for its customers, AI Extract ™ uses a combination of artificial intelligence, advanced OCR and machine-learning capabilities to help businesses to digitise their legacy contracts.

As businesses grow, there’s not always time to carefully manage every contract record or to maintain a secure online contract repository. This means that when those same businesses come to market for a contract management solution, not only are they looking to help build robust records and processes for the future but they can often be sitting on a large volume of historic contracts.

AI Extract™ makes the process of extracting the key information from these contracts straightforward and fast.

It extracts data from PDFs, scanned documents and even makes sense of hand-written elements to create a comprehensive digital record.

Dates, personnel, addresses, currency amounts and other data-points are presented alongside the original document for confirmation.

With each contract that passes through AI Extract™, the system learns and the process becomes further optimised for future extraction.

“We’re clear on the benefits that Artificial Intelligence is going to bring to our current and future customers. For us, it’s not about AI for AI’s sake. It has to bring real value to our users and not simply be a case of ticking off the latest industry buzzword,” says Patrick O’Connor, CEO of Gatekeeper.

“That’s why we’ve listened to our customers and developed AI Extract to solve a key business issue for them.”

With increasing requirements around data protection and information security, having legacy contracts in hard copy only or in PDF format represents an unquantifiable business risk.

Digitising those records is the first step towards effective tracking of that information and for extracting the maximum value from those signed agreements.

Gatekeeper is investing heavily in AI capabilities in order to better support its customers and their specific use-cases.

“We see AI as the logical next step for Gatekeeper on its trajectory as it fits perfectly with our approach of making our customers’ lives easier. This is why we place a high priority on our system’s usability, invest heavily in customer onboarding and support and provide unlimited users on all our plans.”

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About Gatekeeper
Gatekeeper is an AI-driven contract & vendor management SaaS solution, which helps customers manage their contracts and vendors through their full lifecycle.

By centralising all their contract and vendor information into Gatekeeper, customers benefit from:

  • Clear visibility of their contract and vendor data, including key dates, milestones and contact names
  • The ability to securely delegate access to relevant information both internally and externally, saving their teams valuable time
  • Advanced automation tools which can be used for simple tasks such as timely renewal reminders right through to complex, fully digitised business processes.
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Significant time and resource savings as a result of deploying Gatekeeper’s AI and automation tools.


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