White Paper

Gaining Financial Advantage: Image-Enabled ATMs Improve Operational Margins

Source: A2iA Corporation

Since the installation of the first automated teller machine (ATM) in the early 1970’s, ATMs have become a staple in consumer banking technology. This technology has continued to evolve and customers now rely on ATMs for convenience and ease in accessing their financial institution, completing transactions without the need of a bank teller, at whatever hour of the day or night it is convenient for them.

The advancement of the software behind these image-enabled ATMs leaves such a small footprint and can run on virtually any piece of hardware, creating a simple, versatile and robust solution for the everyday banking customer.

Moving the market towards image-enabled ATMs remains an integral part of banks’ strategies to address demands for more advance machines. A service such as the ATM drives better user experiences by responding to society’s fast-paced demands and needs for instant gratification.

Consumer demands for convenience and flexibility have become a competitive necessity for banks, as they utilize technology to simplify the transaction process and still improve their operational margin.

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