Fully Automated Capsule Filling System: GKF Capsylon 1505

Fully Automated Capsule Filling System

Syntegon Technology has developed the fully automated capsule filling machine GKF Capsylon 1505 for economically filling powder, pellets, and granulates. The dosing station can fill sticky and fine grained powders precisely. The height adjustable metering disk allows for quick adjustment between product formats or filling amounts.

The GKF Capsylon 1505 features time synchronized modular stations and is designed for an output of 92,000 capsules per hour. The machine is suitable for medium batch runs and frequent product changes. For operating and administration of production parameter the GKF is equipped with a touch screen. The machine fulfills the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and allows quick changeover and cleaning with a few tools. All product contact parts are easily accessible, and the operator can clean the machine quickly.


  • Easy and simple size changeover
  • Syntegon’s service network supports customers globally and immediately
  • Cost efficient capsule filling machine for powder, pellets and granules
  • Significantly increased yield and minimized product loss due to slide gate technology (optionally)
  • Short cleaning times
  • Highly efficient and effective production processes due to very easy maintenance and operation
  • Only one day of training enables most operators to run the Capsylon
  • Reliability as a result of more than 50 years of experience in designing and building capsule filling machines