LO and CLK: Analog Devices



Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO)

ADI offers a broad portfolio of Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) with excellent phase noise performance, options for wideband, and multiple choices including VCOs with output drivers and VCOs with single output to meet small size and low power requirements. These VCOs are used in a range of applications in the communications, military, industrial and healthcare markets.


 ADF5709 - 9.85 GHz to 20.5 GHz, Wideband, MMIC VCO

 HMC8074 | HMC8362 | HMC8364 - 8.3 GHz to 26.6 GHz VCO Family

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Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesizer & Translation Loop

ADI’s industry leading phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer family features a wide variety of high performance, low jitter clock generation and distribution devices. The extensive, ever growing phase locked loop family is optimized for high data rate, low jitter clocking applications. The portfolio features PLLs, PLL/VCOs, and distribution chips, designed for clocking applications which require synchronization, clock distribution, and phase noise performance.


 ADF4401A - 62.5 MHz to 8 GHz, Translation Loop, PLL, VCO Module

 ADF41513 - 26.5 GHz, Integer N/Fractional-N, PLL Synthesizer



 ADF4371 - 62.5Mhz to 32GHz Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

 ADF4351 - 35MHz to 4.4GHz Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

 ADF5610 - 57MHz to 14.6GHz Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

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Timing IC & Clock IC

Analog Devices offers innovative clock IC and timing IC solutions designed to improve system performance, enable new architectures, and lower development and manufacturing costs. Products feature low jitter and low phase noise for clock cleanup, synchronization, generation, delay, and distribution. The Analog Devices clock IC portfolio is one of the most extensive in the industry and has the most advanced features available to support low jitter, distribution and synchronization.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS - Clock Generation

 AD9528 - JESD204B Clock Generator with 14 LVDS/HSTL Outputs

 AD9545 - IEEE1588 Version 2 and 1 pps Synchronizer and Adaptive Clock Translator

 AD9546 - Dual DPLL Digitized Clock Synchronizer

 HMC7044 - JESD204B / JESD204C 3.2 GHz Clock Generator with 14-Output Jitter Attenuator


LATEST HOT PRODUCTS - Clock Distribution | Delay | Dividers

 HMC7043 - High Performance, 3.2 GHz, 14-Output Fanout Buffer with JESD204B/JESD204C

 HMC988 - Programmable Clock Divider & Delay, DC - 4 GHz

 HMC987 - 3.3V Low Noise 1:9 Fanout Buffer, DC - 8 GHz

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Direct Digital Synthesis

Analog Devices’ world leading direct digital synthesis ICs incorporate features such as on-board comparators, RAM, PLLs, mixers, and registers. This makes them an ideal agile frequency synthesizer solution in systems for communications, test equipment, and radar.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS - Direct Digital Synthesis

 AD9959 - 4 Channel 500 MSPS DDS with 10-bit DACs

 AD9910 - 1 GSPS, 14-Bit, 3.3 V CMOS Direct Digital Synthesizer

 AD9914 - 3.5 GSPS Direct Digital Synthesizer with 12-bit DAC

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