Frequency Conversion Products: Analog Devices

RF Mixers

ADI offers industry's broadest selection of wideband RF mixers, microwave mixers and millimeter wave mixers. By utilizing innovative new high frequency design and packaging techniques and process technologies, ADI offers a complete portfolio of discrete as well as integrated, wideband and high frequency solutions for up to 90GHz. With ADI's RF mixer portfolio designers can be assured to find a mixer that best fits their performance, price and packaging requirements.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – Passive & Active RF Mixers

 LTC5510 - 1MHz to 6GHz Wideband High Linearity Active Mixer

 HMC773A - 6 to 26GHz Passive Mixer (Die/Package)

 HMC774A - 7 to 34/40 GHz, Passive Mixer (Die/Package)

 HMC560A - 22 to 38 GHz Passive Mixer






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RF Integrated Transmitters, Receivers, & Transceivers

Analog Devices RF Integrated Transmitters, Receivers, & Transceivers offer a complete, high performance RF and mixed-signal system on a chip. These highly integrated designs greatly simplify the system design, shorten time to market, reduce BOM cost, and provide best-in-class performance, particularly for demanding short range wireless systems, UMTS, LTE, and 3G/4G wireless and for point-to-point backhaul radios. Our integrated solutions are further complemented with range of design and evaluation tools, to help with the design process.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – 5G mmW Up/Down Converters

 ADMV1017 | ADMV1018 - 24 GHz to 29.5 GHz, 5G Up/Down Converters

ADMV1128 - 24 GHz to 29.5 GHz, 5G Microwave Up/Down Converter

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – MultiMarket Up/Dwn Converters

 ADAR2001 | ADAR2004 - 10 to 40 GHz, Imaging Chipset

 HMC8193 | HMC8191 | HMC8192 - 2.5 to 42 GHz, IQ Mixer Family

 ADMV1013 | ADMV1014 - 24 to 44 GHz, Up/Down Converters

ADMV1139 - 37 GHz to 48.2 GHz, 5G, Microwave Upconverter and Downconverter






LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – Satellite Communications

 ADMV4420 - 16.95 to 22.05 GHz, Ku Band Down Converter with Synth

ADMV4630 & ADMV4640 - Ku Band Up and Down Converters with Integrated PLLVCO

ADMV4540 - K Band Quadrature Demodulator with Integrated Fractional-N PLL and VCO

 ADMV4530 - 27 to 31 GHz, Ka Band Up Converter with Synth





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I/Q Modulators & Demodulators

Analog Devices offers broadband and narrowband IQ modulators and IQ demodulators with excellent dynamic range, suitable for zero IF (ZIF) designs. ADI's IQ modulators and demodulators are commonly used for direct downconversion designs for point to point radio designs, test and measurement instrumentation applications.


 ADRF6780 - 6 to 24GHz IQ Modulator

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – Mod/Demod with integrated Synth

 ADRF6821 - 0.45 to 2.8 GHz, Demodulator with Synth

 HMC1197 - 0.1 to 4GHz Modulator with Synth




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Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, and Detectors

ADI's frequency dividers, frequency multipliers, and frequency detectors offer high performance, ultralow phase noise and fast frequency lock time options for frequency multiplication, division and detection to meet the demands of modern technology. Using these parts, designers can now economically design high frequency and low phase noise applications.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – Frequency Multipliers

  HMC8342 -  GaAs MMIC ×2 Active Frequency Multiplier, 22 GHz to 42 GHz Output



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