Case Study

Forms Processing Solution Accurately Captures 9.6 Million Fields In Less Than Two Weeks

Source: A2iA Corporation

Kangourou des Mathématiques, hosted by Editions ATL, is the world’s largest math testing competition for French- speaking students ages 8 to 18. In 2006, nearly 300,000 students representing 37 European, Asian and North American countries took part in the competition. Kangourou des Mathématiques consists of a math quiz containing 24 multiple-choice questions and is complemented by mathematical handouts that simultaneously provide students with culture, entertainment and knowledge.

The completed answer sheet submitted by all participants contained the following information:

  • 24 multiple-choice answers, each with five possible choices (A-E).
  • Two tie-breaker answers used only in the event of a tie.
  • The student’s first and last name in freeform handwriting.
  • The student’s full address in freeform handwriting.
  • The student’s grade or year of education, containing 19 possible choices.
  • The student’s gender.
  • A yes/no question about the computer equipment used by the student.

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