Form+ Formulation And Recipe Management System

Form +

Form+ is a recipe management system designed to eliminate waste, ensure consistent and repeatable batches, and provide full traceability to ensure compliance with regulations. The system provides operator guidance for the weighing and dispensing of ingredients and chemicals according to the defined recipe structure. Build process workflows to ensure perfect batches with easy operator usability.

Perfect Batches Every Time

Form+ eliminates unnecessary waste from bad batches by preventing human errors in your formulation process. Save production time and material cost with Form+, which keeps control of material weighing tolerances and supports multi-workstation parallel processing. Overall waste is reduced, productivity is maximized, and the need for costly rework is avoided with the Form+ Recipe Management System.

Your Process with Consistent Results

Form+ is the key to a repeatable process by providing clear operator guidance during production. And because the workflow is tailored to your specific process, your operators know exactly what to expect from the system. The result is short operator training times and systematically consistent and repeatable product quality in every batch.

Seamless Traceability and Regulatory Compliance

Recipe traceability is essential for all manufacturers, to ensure compliance with quality regulations and provide audit-proof documentation and process verification. With Form+, every operator action is recorded, and complete batch evidence documentation is easily reportable. Furthermore, raw material traceability is tracked automatically - see every batch where your materials are used in just one click.

Allergen and Hazardous Material Management

Identification, handling and processing of allergen and hazardous materials is critical to avoid mistakes and protect employee and company safety. Form+ provides clear guidance for identification and monitoring of these materials to prevent accidental cross-contamination.