FlexUP Technology Renewal Program

Laboratory scientist

Are you using obsolete or aging instruments simply because they continue to work? Running your laboratory with outdated technology brings about challenges beyond just headaches. Older technology may limit your performance, increase your costs, and open your lab up to risk. It may be time to investigate the real cost of using obsolete technology.

With the Waters FlexUP Technology Renewal Program, always work with the latest technology for optimum productivity and security.

Keep your lab at the forefront of science

Whether you have a Waters system or another manufacturer’s, eliminate the issues associated with older instrumentation or software by cost-effectively managing the lifecycle of your laboratory’s assets.

  • Modernize your instrumentation
  • Improve data quality
  • Increase capacity
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Mitigate risk
  • Keep pace with the rapid rate of change

Easily upgrade your lab with flexible financing and service options.

FlexCHOICE Instrument Service Plan: Maintenance tailored to your needs

FlexCHOICE: mySystem Coverage* gives you control over the options that fit your lab's unique needs, allowing you to maintain performance and control costs. The need for efficiency, accuracy, and continuous operation while complying with rigid regulatory standards creates a challenging standard for those responsible for system performance.

  • Personalized maintenance and service options to meet your requirements
  • Optimize laboratory productivity and uptime and reduce operations costs
  • Simplify the ordering and billing process with easy-to-understand coverage descriptions

*Coming soon to all regions.

FlexCAPITAL Lab Solutions: Get the most from your instruments and your budget

FlexCAPITAL** is designed to support continuous laboratory operation while satisfying the budgeting challenges of a constantly shifting landscape. Total cost of ownership is a critical metric for most businesses. We can help you minimize this number while optimizing instrument performance and protecting your organization from security risks associated with outdated software platforms.

  • All-inclusive monthly payment plan
  • Accelerate ROI with monthly payments versus large capex
  • Eliminate unanticipated maintenance expenses and reduce downtime with updated equipment

**FlexCAPITAL payment plan options and availability may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Contact Waters or your local Waters representative for details. Subject to Credit Approval.

If you trade up to any Waters LC, MS or SFC system, you’ll save up to 55%. (Offer only available in certain regions. Contact your local Waters representative for more details.)

What systems may be traded up?

Chromatography (LC or SFC) systems that are more than 7 years old

  • Trade up to a new Waters LC or SFC system

MS systems that are more than 5 years old

  • Trade up to a like-for-like system
    • Single quad → Single quad
    • Tandem quad → Tandem quad
    • High resolution MS → High resolution MS

 FlexMETHODS+ Method Migration Service: Reducing the burden of upgrading LC assets

Replacing aging equipment can put a strain on resource and is seen as an inconvenience, especially in labs under pressure to meet deadlines. At Waters we are committed to supporting you through the process of instrument replacement and now offer a tailored service* to migrate your validated methods to updated Waters LC technology. Trust Waters method experts to translate your methods when relacing outdated instrumentation like-for-like, without changing existing SOPs and without method revalidation.

  • Migration performed by Waters renowned experts
  • Tailored to your methods and SOPs
  • Includes risk assessment based on instrument parameters and software settings
  • Benefit from up-to-date technology, improved data quality and less instrument downtime  

*FlexMETHODS+ is available to Waters customers on Empower when replacing aging systems with new Waters Liquid Chromatography instruments. Other terms and conditions may also apply. Contact Waters or your local Waters representative for details.

FlexCHEMISTRY Program: Save money today, shop for consumables in the future

FlexCHEMISTRY gives you the flexibility to decide what consumables you need for your new instrument purchase anytime during the 12-month period after the instrument shipment date. Sometimes, you’re not ready to buy columns when you purchase a new instrument, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on extending your negotiated system discount to your column purchase.

  • Lock in negotiated rates for consumables by purchasing a voucher at the time of your system purchase
  • Vouchers available in three different values, adjusted to match your location and currency
  • Take the time you need to determine the best consumables for your lab before redeeming your voucher

The FlexCHEMISTRY program enables customers to buy prepaid vouchers for discounted prices on Waters consumable purchases at the point of instrument sale.