Financial Reporting


At every stage growth, you need real-time insight into your business. 

Our financial reports are tied directly to your contract terms to provide real-time GAAP revenues and invoice schedules so you can close the books faster, accurately project cash and breeze through audits. 

Revenue Performance

Bulletproof revenue recognition reports show daily-computed revenue schedules and can be easily and quickly generated when subscription records are created. Revenue schedules are clearly visible every step of the way for transactions, customers and contracts. 

Finance Summary 

Close your books in seconds with real-time visibility into your business finances based on revenue, billing, deferred revenue, unbilled accrued revenue, as well as credit and debit adjustments over a selected period of time. Rather than spending hours in a spreadsheet correcting revenue errors and broken formulas, you’ll have the freedom to focus on analysis and other higher value activities. 

Contract Revenue Summary

View the recognizable revenue schedule by customer contract and period with the ability to easily customize the date range and length (month, quarter, year).

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