Fat Analysis Inspection Systems For Meat Products


Eagle offers widest range of targeted fat analysis solutions available in the meat industry, featuring application-specific platforms optimized for fresh, frozen, or hot-boned natural red meat and poultry, whether processed in bulk or frozen block (or a combination), vacuum-packed or packaged in cartons, or conveyed in plastic crates/trays or presented in primary portions such as bone-in hams. All Eagle FA machines feature the highest throughput available with no performance degradation when running simultaneous fat measurement and contaminant detection – no compromises.

Eagle’s proprietary 4th-generation SimulTask™ PRO imaging software provides superior x-ray inspection performance proven in thousands of installations worldwide.They have built-in automatic calibration and validation at the touch of a button which means no more passing of heavy/unsanitary phantoms through the system. Eagle FA machines are robust, rugged, hygienically designed and built according to NAMI/EHEDG sanitary standards, all with IP69 rating for durability in harsh washdown environments.They offer a comprehensive range of available data communication and control interfaces including OPC UA and Ethernet/IP with built-in UPS.

The compact size of Eagle FA machines provide the smallest factory floor footprint and easily integrate into existing production lines. Whether individual FA systems or complete blending solutions, Eagle provides comprehensive and complete fat measurement capability.