Article | November 7, 2018

Fall In Love With Efficiency: Next-Level Document Scanning

Source: OPEX Corporation
AGILE IRT: Improving Quality and Efficiency in the Study Build  Process

Converting paper documents into digital data has proven valuable for most every organization. In many cases, after digitizing your paper, you can discard the paper files, saving space, time and money spent on document storage and retrieval. It also makes it easier for your employees to find and access information that is stored on your databases.

Unfortunately, scanning documents isn’t inherently efficient. In fact, the requirement of preparing documents for scanning tips the scale of inefficiency tremendously. However, document scanners that are designed to image any size or type of paper (large formats, small items, envelopes, tri-fold brochures, etc.) and handle odd-shaped and “messy” paper can eliminate most of that manual labor associated with document preparation. These scanners, when combined with an extraction desk, can efficiently scan contents of envelopes in a one-touch process. Coupled with document management software, these solutions create a complete process of efficient document handling, indexing, classification, and distribution.

OPEX® has helped thousands of companies in many industries across the globe make their scanning operations more efficient. Here are a few examples:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) integrator Naviant was able to increase productivity for its document conversion operations by as much as 87 percent using the OPEX Falcon® workstation. Naviant helps its clients convert existing physical documents and microfilm into digital form so that they can be used with the company’s OnBase® solution. Previously, different sized documents had to be separated and scanned on different hardware. With the Falcon, the company was able to eliminate document preparation processes and increase productivity by 35 percent to almost 90 percent, depending on the client.

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