News | August 31, 2016

EZONES Content Curator For SharePoint Now Available For Purchase On Microsoft Office Store

Enterprise Media Aggregation & Delivery Platform Brings Rich, Relevant Content to Business Environments While Encouraging Employee Engagement and Adoption of SharePoint Intranet Portal

Los Angeles, CA /PRNewswire/ - OWNZONES Media Network announced today that its enterprise content enhancement and delivery platform, EZONES Content Curator for SharePoint, is now available for purchase on the Microsoft Office Store. EZONES for SharePoint lets users engage with a business's priority content- both internal and external- more effectively in order to increase employee productivity and engagement.

EZONES for SharePoint allows corporations to easily optimize and distribute targeted content to employees, both within the workplace and remotely, as if it were a major media company. Additionally, due to several strategic alliances, EZONES for SharePoint can provide corporations of all sizes with access to specialized content from companies such as leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, LexisNexis®, anywhere, simply by installing the EZONES for SharePoint curation software and without significant upfront investment. What's more, EZONES for SharePoint offers white label native app creation which provides an end-to-end content solution and allows for content to be continuously available at employee's fingertips.

EZONES for SharePoint helps an enterprise's most critical content rise above the clutter by showcasing the resources that matter most to the team, and keeps users engaged with streaming third party content for a consistently fresh and dynamic user experience.

With EZONES, an enterprise can:

  • Expose the most relevant content to individual users, creating a personalized and more effective experience.
  • Allow users to consume content directly inside SharePoint without sending them to separate players or programs. This includes video, audio, Office documents, PDFs, images, and more.
  • Increase user adoption and engagement by making an enterprise's SharePoint environment a hub for anything and everything they may need, both from internal and/or external sources.

Not only does EZONES for SharePoint make an enterprise's internal content more accessible to users, it also allows for streaming of external content directly into the SharePoint environment. Whether it's HR training, industry resources, business news, or any other information or resources one can think of, EZONES can source and provide it.

Enterprise media distribution is increasingly becoming a universal business initiative that, when properly deployed, can support sales enablement, streamline on-boarding processes, increase productivity, improve field service, and benefit employee health & wellness, among other distinct advantages. With EZONES for SharePoint, corporations of all sizes now have the ability to better enact initiatives of this nature, which in turn allows the enterprise to capitalize on the resulting advantages in a more streamlined, structured, and successful way.

EZONES for SharePoint on the Office Store:

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EZONES gets your employees into their high performance zone. As a video and media content delivery platform, EZONES brings rich content to life and puts it to work. EZONES optimizes and distributes any content, to any device. With a vast library of curated video content EZONES proprietary channels compliment your existing media whether it's in SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, or on any HTML based website. EZONES is also available on all popular mobile, tablet, smart TV's and other Over-The-Top (OTT) devices. Whether you use EZONES for employee communication, peer-to-peer learning, sales enablement, employee on-boarding or any of its many other applications, get your employees into their zone, anywhere, anytime, with EZONES.


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