White Paper

Extracting Value From ECM Deployments Through Shared Document Rendering Services

Source: Adlib Software
Extracting Value From ECM Deployments

Globalization, the high rate of content creation, and increasing compliance requirements have accelerated the proliferation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology. Managing and leveraging the ever-growing amount of content held within these repositories has become an increasing challenge to IT organizations for the last decade. Content management used to entail simply managing and tracking documentation. It has evolved to include the need to capture, assemble, and enhance global content into valuable information that can help an organization produce better products and services, service their customers more effectively, or maintain regulatory compliance by keeping content and records intact for later use.

The process of changing content into a standardized format to satisfy business requirements is called by many names—conversion, transformation, rendering, and even more colloquially “print to PDF” (portable document format). However, often content must not only be converted to PDF, but sometimes business processes dictate that multiple documents in different formats must be assembled into a single complex document. In addition, content may need to be enhanced with corporate branding, watermarks, or time/date stamps. Executing this kind of document conversion within an automated workflow while maintaining perfect fidelity is often referred to as Advanced Rendering.

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