White Paper

White Paper: Extend Existing Applications With The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK

Source: LEAD Technologies Inc.
Extend Existing Applications With The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK

A common problem that faces many developers is extending existing applications when changing the underlying source code is not a possibility. As needs and systems change, there has to be a mechanism to add new functionality and maintain efficient workflows for end-users. The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK is one of several solutions LEADTOOLS provides to overcome this problem.

With the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK, developers can leverage the print feature of any application to extend and enhance that application. Developers benefit without changing source code that may not be available because quality assurance or security measures prohibit changes. End- users benefit because a known and loved application interface does not change and the new process is the same from all applications that print.

LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging lines of SDK products include the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer and Network Virtual Printer drivers. The main difference between the two drivers is the Network Virtual Printer driver includes network-printing mechanisms, such as the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), to create custom network or web-based printing solutions, which result in lightweight client deployments, and centralized maintenance and management.

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