Export Management

Amber Road

As companies look to foreign markets as a means to grow top line revenues, exports have boomed. Unfortunately, with more customers spread across more geographies, the export compliance challenge has mushroomed, and so has the risk of regulatory violations. Many exporters struggle to effectively screen potential customers against restricted party lists, determine license requirements, perform export compliance checks, and generate international trade documents.

Export compliance can be tedious and complicated work, especially since government rules and regulations are constantly changing for cross border shipments. For companies that perform this job manually, the task can be overwhelming. By automating the process, companies find they can reduce export compliance risks and improve export efficiencies.

The Amber Road Solution

Amber Road’s solutions automate the necessary export compliance and transactional functions including country controls, restricted party screening (RPS), license determination and tracking, document generation, and filing. Our solution provides a comprehensive export compliance review process that draws on our extensive body of trade content – Global Knowledge® . Using a configurable and comprehensive set of validation rules, the system executes a series of compliance checks where every line of a sales order is individually validated against the regulations of the countries involved. Audit trails and complete management reporting promote compliant and efficient export trade processes, reducing the risks and costs associated with exporting goods.

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