Expanded PTFE Profiles For Medical And Industrial Applications: Aeos® ePTFE

Expanded PTFE Profiles For Medical and Industrial Applications: AeosĀ® ePTFE

Aeos® ePTFE tubing from Zeus is composed of solid nodes that are interconnected by a matrix of extremely thin fibrils. It is manufactured by expanding PTFE tubing during the manufacturing process, which alters the properties of the tubing by creating microscopic pores in the structure of the material. This tubing is the most flexible tubing Zeus offers, making it ideal for medical devices, electronic insulators, high performance filters, and other medical and industrial applications.

The Aeos® ePTFE’s structure is microporous, soft, flexible, biocompatible, and class VI approved. Additional material properties include chemical resistance, chemical inertness, low dielectric constants, and natural hydrophobic qualities. It is an excellent material to shield fiber optics from extreme temperatures, block out moisture or aggressive chemicals, and reduce micro bend-induced attenuation changes. Zeus has also expanded capabilities with Aeos® ePTFE in forms such as biaxial oriented material, tubing, multi-lumen, sheet material, ribbon, laminations, profiles, and membranes.

For more features and capabilities of the Aeos® ePTFE tubing, download the datasheets.