eTMF Clinical Trial Software For Life Sciences

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Managing an electronic trial master file (eTMF) is a complex and labor-intensive effort. Centralize and streamline your clinical activities with MasterControl eTMF software systems.

Administering a clinical study’s TMF goes far beyond just managing the creation, review and approval of TMF content. Every study has its own information requirements and complexities. Handling all contributor and participant interactions gets overwhelming quickly. MasterControl eases these burdens. With the eTMF Manager™ solution, you gain real-time visibility into the status of all clinical activities. Based on the TMF Reference Model, the solution simplifies the management of all the documents, tasks, milestones and activities that are required during a clinical trial.

Hundreds of life sciences companies worldwide use MasterControl to connect data and streamline processes. Learn how our eTMF management solutions make it easier to gather and organize clinical data.

The eTMF Manager is based on the Drug Information Association (DIA) TMF Reference Model. Combining the industry best-practice configuration with our process management excellence enhances real-time visibility into all TMF activities. The solution helps you plan, assign, create, review and approve all TMF artifacts with more efficiency. Download the free TMF checklist to see how it’s structured.

It’s inherently problematic to manage tons of TMF documentation with a paper-based system. That’s why leaders turn to proven software systems to manage TMF processes. Digitization provides a superior, efficient approach to TMF management. Our proven eTMF solution increases visibility into clinical trials. It also digitally integrates TMF activities with other compliance-critical functions.