White Paper

Enterprise Content Management For Manufacturing

Source: RPI Consultants
Manufacturing And Warehousing IT News For VARs — January 7, 2014

Manufacturing enterprises are complex, and manufacturers must operate as lean as possible to drive profits, revenue and growth. Between changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain, you need solutions that are flexible, easy to manage and offer visibility and control over the information that drives your business and applications.

To succeed, according to RPI Consultants, you need to:

  • Identify process breakdowns and bottlenecks in productivity
  • Optimize processes and reduce costs
  • Manage complex and overlapping data and systems
  • Make sure employees and business processes are always in compliance with internal standards and external regulations

Traditionally, most companies operated with a convenient dichotomy between data management and content management. If this divide ever made sense, it doesn’t any longer. The complex challenges of today’s manufacturing enterprise require a single comprehensive and intelligent information management for both data and content management.