Case Study

Case Study: Electronic Forms Are Nursing Center's Solution To Electronic Record Submission Requirement

Source: FormFast

When Medicare mandated electronic form submission in order to process patient payments, Ledge View Nursing Center's manual forms processes became obsolete overnight. A consultant's electronic forms solution was at the ready, however, to meet the new regulatory requirement without an administrative time savings for nurses allowing more attention to patient care.

Ledge View Nursing Center is licensed for 38 beds, and is nearly always at capacity. Its 30 employees attend to the many needs of its elderly resident patients, all of whom are under a physician's care. Most patients are recovering from serious illness or surgery and require rehabilitation services, and some are afflicted with terminal conditions. Rehabilitation services are provided through a contract with an outside company.

With electronic creation and fast Hewlett Packard LaserJet printing of high quality forms for patient charts, the nursing staff was immediately able to reduce time on administrative tasks and spend more time on patient care. Doctors attending patients at the center appreciated the laserprinted forms because they are easier to read and understand in assessing a patient's needs. Most important, Ledge View was immediately compliant with the Medicare electronic submission requirement and experienced no interruption of its patient reimbursements.