White Paper

Effect Of Hemolysis, Icterus And Lipemia On Chemistry Tests And Association Between The Amount Of Interfering Substances And LIH Indices

By Neval Akbas Ph.D., Bryan Eppert Ph.D., Judy Miller, Catherine Schulten, Cynthia Wallace and Traci Turner M.D.

petri dish sample laboratory

Interference from endogenous substances is one of the leading source of errors that clinical laboratories frequently encounter at the pre-analytical phase of testing. Automated chemistry platforms allow accurate measurement of interferences due to endogenous substances such as hemolysis, icterus and lipemia utilizing semi-quantitative testing with indices. We evaluated the effect of hemolysis, icterus and lipemia on chemistry assays and further assessed the association between the amount of interfering substances and ordinal values reported by the automated chemistry analyzer as H-, I- and L-indices.