Eclipse Separation System For Nanoparticles And Macromolecules

Wyatt Eclipse

The Eclipse™ system is the foundation of FFF-MALS, a powerful technique for separation and comprehensive characterization of macromolecules and nanoparticles from 1 to 1000 nm in size.

Field-flow fractionation is a uniquely versatile means of size-based separations, capable of fractionating viral particles, liposomes and lipid nanoparticles, emulsions, proteins and aggregates, polysaccharides and technical polymers, engineered nanoparticles, colloidal soil suspensions, chemical mechanical polishing slurries, and many more - with no stationary phase and almost no shear. Separation of biotherapeutics can usually be done in full formulation buffer.

Eclipse brings FFF to a completely new level, combining exquisite performance and ease of use. Advanced features include the Dilution Control Module™ (DCM) and the ability to switch seamlessly between FFF and size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) separations. The Mobility™ add-on system expands Eclipse’s capabilities to include measurements of charge and zeta potential.

Simplicity and quality, with built-in intelligence

The Eclipse FFF system combines several modules that are integrated seamlessly in VISION software:

  • The Eclipse FFF flow instrument
  • Agilent 1260 Infinity II pump and autosampler
  • Eclipse FFF channel

These modules may be added:

  • Agilent 1260 fraction collector
  • Mobility EAF4 system