News | July 7, 2022

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Significantly Improved Pharmacode Reading Accuracy

Updated SDK Now Supports Administrator Controlled Device-Alias To Enable Better Usage Tracking. Also Improved Decoding Accuracy for Reading Pharmacode.

Dynamsoft has improved the accuracy of barcode symbol decoding support for the Pharmacode barcode symbol primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Improved accuracy for Pharmacode allows Dynamsoft to better address the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The barcode symbol is used with drug labels as part of packing control systems.

“Optimizing barcode symbol support for applications ideal in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries allows us to further address two large markets that can benefit from Dynamsoft’s enterprise-grade barcode reader SDK,” said Amy Gu, CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamsoft. “We will continue to optimize on Dynamsoft Barcode Reader with added symbol support and performance optimizations.”

Dynamsoft also added macOS ARM64 support to the Java edition of the Barcode Reader SDK. This makes Dynamsoft’s barcode solution a true cross-device and cross-platform solution, enabling a seamless transition and consistent user experience across all devices.

In addition, Dynamsoft has enabled application administrators with the ability to add device aliases in order to help differentiate devices for better usage tracking and management. The new capability allows application administrators to manage the application deployed on each device with a concise and human-friendly name. This allows the administrators to take better control of the barcode reading usage statistics of each end-user device.

These new capabilities are available in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader software development kit, version 9.2.

Source: Dynamsoft