Case Study

Dust Collection For Food Dehydrating


A manufacturer of freeze-dried fruit and herb products chose Tri-flow dry dust control for their packaging operations.

The Tri-Flow units are each 3600 cfm, and, because powders are volatile, are provided with explosion venting and other custom features.

The 4000 cfm Tri-Flow units each use MERV 15 Tri-Plus filter cartridges that provide 99.99%+ dust control for particles .5 microns and larger. A complete list of media options is described here.

Tri-Flow is ideally suited to the efficient collection of particulate from food processing environments, including spice and vitamin manufacturing. Systems deliver performance virtually identical to a HEPA filter, and have proven to be a superior alternative to conventional cartridge, bag, and pocket filters. Tri-Flow filter elements have a multi-year service life, and are easy to maintain using an integral pulse-jet cleaning system.