Durable, Space Saving Oxygen Sensors

Durable, Space Saving Oxygen Sensors

First Sensor offers multiple series of durable oxygen sensors designed to save space in applications such as oxygen analyzer, oxygen concentrator, confined space monitoring, laboratory equipment, agriculture, fire prevention, high altitude training, medical technology, instrumentation, HVAC, biotechnology, and food industry.

The XYO series of optical oxygen sensors is designed for measuring oxygen partial pressure (ppO2) with the principle of fluorescence quenching by oxygen. The series also allows for barometric pressure measurements (mbar) and the conversion of ppO2 readings to an oxygen concentration. With the use of the non-depleting sensing principle, these oxygen sensors feature low power consumption, high accuracy, and long lifetimes. They are also available with a ZBXYO evaluation interface board.

The XYA series of oxygen sensors is designed to enable highly stable and accurate measurements from 0 –100% Vol. oxygen concentration through the utilization of a special zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) technology. These sensors are non-consumptive and feature simple calibration in ambient air. They are available with ZBXYA and ZBXYSF control circuit boards.

Download the datasheets and application notes for more information on each of the series and their control circuit boards. Click here to visit the First Sensor site for more information.