Drug Product Fill/Finish


Your Drug Product Contract Manufacturer – Access the world’s leading fill and isolator technologies with an expert team at your side.

Argonaut offers the manufacturing solutions you need without investments in capital equipment, staff, or logistics. Equipped with advanced robotics, our automated fill line is designed to maximize product yield while minimizing the risks associated with operator intervention.

Flexible Filling Capabilities for Rigorous Demands

Argonaut’s drug product manufacturing services provide the expertise, flexibility, compliance, and speed you need to supply clinical trials around the globe. Protect your drug product with our state-of-the-art Bausch + Ströbel line, featuring SKAN isolator technology.


Argonaut’s filling line utilizes SKAN isolator technology and ADVANCEDFill technology, offering you:

  • Minimized drug substance loss at start and end of production.
  • Reduced risk from particulates and human intervention.
  • Single-use disposable fluid path.
  • Nitrogen gas overlay.
  • In-line, non-destructive 100% weight checks.
  • Stäubli robotic lid and liner removal, and denester.

Capabilities and Specifications

Argonaut offers a wide array of vial sizes and fill volumes to choose from:

  • Ready to use pre-sterilized ISO vial sizes from 2R through 30R.
  • Dosing ranges from 0.25ml to 30+ml.
  • Run rate up to 3,600 vials per hour.
  • Crimp sealing under ISO 5 air in separate cabinet.

Support Services

Argonaut offers the supporting services your clinical drug products need. A comprehensive analytical laboratory and distribution center are located onsite.

  • Analytical services, specializing in drug product stability studies.
  • Labeling and secondary packaging.
  • World-wide distribution.
  • Storage.