News | September 29, 2021

Dough Temperature Is Key To Producing High Quality Baked Goods

Having the right temperature is one of the most important quality criteria for good doughs. Flour types with a high gluten content require particularly intensive kneading, which leads to heating of the dough. As a result, without suitable cooling, the dough quality will drop, especially at high ambient temperatures in summer. MAJA ice can help you keep your dough temperature low and ensure consistent product quality.

Better doughs with MAJA flake ice
MAJA flake ice is ideally suited for the production of baked goods and for all knead-intensive doughs. The ice allows the gluten structure to develop optimally. Gas retention capacity increases and makes for an attractive volume of the pastry. Depending on the recipe, MAJA flake ice replaces between 10 and 40 % of the water needed. The ice at approximately -7 degrees C disperses evenly, cools the dough quickly and completely and not just from the outside.

Advantages of flake ice

  • Flake ice offers a good efficiency, even at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to the high cooling capacity with low quantities of flake ice, the dough does not rise too quickly and remains supple - but without diluting.
  • The ice flakes, which are only 1-2 mm thick, have a low mechanical resistance. This means they are gentle on the kneading arms and mix ideally with the dough mass.
  • Dry frozen flake ice is loose and pourable.
  • The required volume of ice can be precisely dosed (also by automatic solutions) for an exact adjustment of the dough temperature.
  • MAJA flake ice machines score with low ice production costs. Depending on the machine type and regionally varying energy prices, 1 kg of ice costs only approx. 0.02 €.
  • Flake ice machines are economical, low-maintenance and reliable, even with years of continuous operation.
  • The supply water does not need to be treated before freezing, e.g. by softening or filtering systems.

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How much flake ice is good for your dough?
One assumes a flake ice addition in the amount of 10 - 40% of the required water.

Application example:
For a dough recipe, 10 liters of cold water are required.

Initial temperature +18°C
Target temperature +2°C
Requirement: approx. 1.9 kg flake ice to 8.1 liters of water

Initial temperature +18°C
Target temperature +5°C
Requirement: approx. 1.5 kg flake ice to 8.5 liters of water

Source: Marel