Case Study

Document Scanning Workstations Improve Mail- and Document-Handling Operations For Key Client

Source: OPEX Corporation
File Sync Solutions

When it comes to document management, productivity and accuracy are critical and require enterprise-class technology to ensure efficiency and traceability. EXL was able to improve efficiency by several hours per day and reduce resource requirements significantly using OPEX® FalconRED® and Falcon® document scanners for a high-volume customer.

EXL is a global operations management and analytics company based in New York. As part of its service offerings, the company provides mailroom and document services to companies primarily in the finance, accounting, and insurance markets.

The company operates customer mail centers both on- site and in its own facilities where document imaging and document management are key activities. “Our imaging center really feeds the process for the folks doing the work at these companies,” says Glen Baker, Vice President of Life and Annuities at EXL. “Images are our lifeblood.”

At one particular customer site, however, the quality and reliability of those images were in question. The company operated a mailroom for the customer where staff received, prepped, and scanned documents on a conventional production class scanner. The facility processes between 6,000 and 6,500 documents per day, with each document containing 3.5 to 4 pages. “The preparation process caused some problems in terms of quality and productivity,” Baker says. “We went back and revisited that entire environment with an eye toward swapping out the software and hardware.”