News | December 6, 2007

Document Capture: Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange To Be Offered By HP

Kofax, a global leader of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions, recently announced Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange will be resold and supported by HP. As part of today's announcement, Kofax also announced it has achieved Platinum Partner status, the highest level attainable, in the HP Solutions Business Partner program.

"Through our new agreement with HP, we see a strategic opportunity to expand the reach of our proven intelligent capture and exchange solutions, and to leverage our joint expertise to solve today's most challenging input management needs," said Reynolds C. Bish, Chief Executive Officer of Kofax's parent company, DICOM Group. "Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange is already helping organizations around the world to automate key business processes and streamline the capture of critical documents – no matter how complex – including invoices, utility bills, public and private records, and inbound mail."

"Kofax continues to deliver innovations in the software capture market, most recently its Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange," said John Johasky, Vice President, Global Enterprise Business, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. "We believe that our enterprise customers stand to benefit from our joint solutions and the expertise of our professional services organizations."

Customers to Benefit from Fully Integrated Solutions
Key elements of Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange will be integrated into HP imaging and printing solutions. These elements include capture; intelligent document recognition to classify and extract data from any document type; and the Kofax Document Exchange Server, a software solution that facilitates the exchange of documents and information between multifunction peripherals (MFPs), scanners, e-mail and transactional business processes such as invoice processing, new account openings and sales order processing.

Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange is the foundation of Kofax's strategy to help organizations streamline business processes by capturing documents in the front office, where they originate, and move such information in real time to transactional business processes.

All joint Kofax and HP solutions will be tested for seamless integration to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

"Although increasing amounts of business are transacted electronically, paper frequently provides a key part of the overall transaction set," said Harvey Spencer, President of Harvey Spencer Associates. "Large companies are therefore looking more closely at capture software as a strategic need and HP clearly sees the opportunity to leverage capture as part of the business process."

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About Kofax
Kofax, a division of DICOM Group plc, is a global leader of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions. Its leading edge capture and exchange technologies and solutions enable Business Process Automation by managing the transformation and exchange of business-critical information (residing in various formats such as paper, fax, electronic documents, e-mail, SMS) among people, applications and devices. Kofax products are widely used in finance, government, insurance, healthcare, and a broad range of companies and agencies that must capture critical business information from paper and electronic documents and forms.