Guest Column | March 20, 2017

Digital Transformation: Unlocking The Value Of Information To Drive Efficiency And Growth

5 Ways Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Reports Can Protect Clinical Research Timelines

By Sid Bhattacharya, Vice President, Global Marketing, Kodak Alaris Information Management

In every organization, across all industry sectors, the conversation about achieving core business objectives almost always turns to the DX economy or digital transformation. The reality is digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword — it’s a key business imperative.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is how best to manage the ever-increasing flow of information into, around, and out of their organizations. Meeting this challenge head on requires a transformation of business processes to ensure they remain competitive in today’s digital economy.

When IDC said information is at the core of the new digital ecosystem, this confirmed what information management professionals and digital business practitioners already knew: the way organizations (don’t) deal with information will define whether or not they will succeed in the years to come.