Digital Mockup, Virtual & Augmented Reality Software For Food & Beverage

Augmented Reality

In the past, verifying product and packaging functionality before placing a product on the market required a long and expensive process that involved the creation of one or more physical mock-ups. This process is becoming increasingly less possible in a consumer market that requires personalization, innovation and speed. Our digital mockup and design review solutions enable teams across the supply chain to assemble, visualize, and analyze models and detect issues early, before manufacturing.

Whether you are creating a piece of furniture, a new bicycle or even the container for a new drink, the ability to digitally represent a consumer product and perform all tests on a virtual model instead of a physical prototype will save you time and money. Using software to detect mechanical interferences, for example, or to verify ergonomics and ease of use,will allow you to reduce time-to-market without sacrificing quality and innovation.

Our solutions enable design teams to create high-level prototypes of complete product. We provide 2D and 3D visualization, markup, and investigation tools that teams can use to review and analyze multi-CAD assemblies across the supply chain. Our immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment provides the ability to view and analyze a 3D model at the proper scale and perform digital mockup (DMU) operations such as sectioning, positioning, creating markups, and sharing the information with other users. You can assemble a complete digital prototype, a digital twin, and perform advanced analyses to detect issues during the design phase, ultimately getting the product to market faster at lower cost.