White Paper

White Paper: Determining The Right Mailroom Solution For You

Source: KeyMark Inc.

By Cameron Boland, Vice President of Technical Operations, KeyMark

The benefits of Enterprise Content Management/Business Process Management (ECM/BPM) are easy to understand and identify. This is especially true when base document management repositories are leveraged by document-centric workflows. We can all agree that the appropriate application of ECM/BPM technology can help businesses realize gains in operational efficiency, improve compliance, speed transaction processing, and provide any number of other hard and soft benefits.

Because of this, the notion of ECM/BPM is considered mature, as are many of the technologies and practices associated with it. Lending credence to this is the fact that, according to Gartner*, approximately 47% of corporations with more than 500 employees had already implemented ECM/BPM technology for at least one business process by the beginning of 2007 and an additional 39% plan to do so early in 2009.