DEFINER® KM Knife Mills are high performance processors that quickly and efficiently reduce cannabis and hemp to desired output size. They employ high shear knives that accurately cut solids to desired output size with a shear action without overgrind or excessive fines. DEFINER knife mills deliver more consistent output while maintaining the product integrity.


  • KM500: The KM500 features up to a 5HP motor and drive. This unit can handle hemp, cannabis, small pieces of rubber, plastic and other dry materials.
  • KM1000: The KM1000 features up to a 40 HP motor and drive and can handle hemp, small bales, rubber, vinyl and plastic, new and recycled parts and more.
  • KM3000: The KM3000 features up to a 75 HP motor and drive. This unit quickly reduces large quantities of hemp to desired output size.