News Feature | October 6, 2015

Decision Makers Lack File Collaboration Security Confidence

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer


A FinalCode report and infographic show 84 percent of information security decision makers expressed little to no confidence in their capacity to store secure files.

A report released by Enterprise Management Associates and sponsored by FinalCode finds not only have 80 percent of information security decision makers reported data leakage, 84 percent say they have little to no confidence in their capacity to store secure files.

Fierce Content Management reports key findings of the study show that in order to combat this:

  • 86 percent will upgrade their technology
  • 84 percent will provide better security awareness training for workers
  • 73 percent will increase their policy development efforts
  • 60 percent will improve their process documentation

“Data dissemination and file collaboration are natural parts of most business and operational workflows, so must security be an integral part of the workflow to protect information. Unfortunately, protecting sensitive and regulated data within shared files remains a significant exposure within many organizations,” said David Monahan, research director of risk and security management at EMA in a press release.

Additionally, inappropriate file sharing with others inside the organization, with those outside the organization, and through malware and hackers were cited as the most likely causes of data leakage. Over 90 percent of respondents stated the lack of protection of files leaving cloud-based platforms or device containers as the highest risk to adopting cloud-based file storage and collaboration services

“Our survey findings clearly show a gap between file security policies and practices, and the efficacy of technical controls in place to monitor and enforce compliance to the existing policies. This lack of capability to control unstructured data as it moves through its lifecycle will not only yield more data privacy breaches but will impact the adoption of advanced enterprise and cloud content management systems,” said Monahan.

See the infographic HERE