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Customer Experience Executive's Agenda 2018: How To Satisfy The Empowered Customer

What Will Help Your Field Service IT Clients Enhance Customer Experience?

This report will illustrate the top challenges and strategies driving customer experience executives’ agendas in 2018.

What Keeps the CX Executives Awake at Night?

From December 2017 to January 2018, Aberdeen surveyed 164 organizations spanning all industries across the globe to determine overall marketplace trends, including the top goals and challenges influencing customer experience (CX) programs. The findings reveal that CX executives have multiple priorities to balance.

Not surprisingly, improving customer satisfaction is the number one priority driving the CX executive agenda in 2018. This means meeting and exceeding rapidly changing buyer expectations to retain existing buyers and acquire new ones. Complementing this goal are several other key objectives, including increasing brand awareness and loyalty, which requires firms to first create happy customers to drive sustainable gains in this area.

CX executives surveyed also cite an increased focus on employee engagement. Specifically, almost one out of four companies indicate that they aim to enable and incentivize employees as a way to help the company achieve its CX objectives (e.g., improve customer satisfaction).