News | January 2, 2019

Corporate Records Scanning Fulfills A Variety Of Storage Needs

ARMS Inc helps identify the business case for document scanning and storage

Corporate records scanning has become a highly requested service as businesses continue to transition from a paper-dominated environment to one that leans increasingly toward digital storage. ARMS Inc, a nationally known record retention specialist, helps businesses develop strategies focused on document scanning and off-site storage.

Determining which documents to scan and store off-site is part of the challenge in developing corporate records scanning strategies. In many cases, existing regulations have not kept pace with the move toward electronic records retention.

"Many of our customers are managing two worlds of documents," explains Kathy Magnin, vice president of records and information management sales at ARMS. "Compliance tends to run on a contradictory path with reality, so paper won't be going away anytime soon. However, corporate records scanning allows businesses to manage information in a much more efficient manner."

Corporate records scanning works for ongoing access and archival situations

The question of whether to delve into a corporate records scanning initiative largely depends upon the historical significance or long-term retention need of the targeted documents. Job files, specifically those used in a manufacturing environment, may be needed more frequently and by more people in managing the lifecycle of equipment.

"It makes sense to move forward with a corporate records scanning effort because of the frequency of accessing those files," Magnin says. "A byproduct of that decision is your people have access to electronic information at any time and from any place. You're no longer bound by the constraints of hard copy, either in terms of location or the time required to find them."

ARMS has the specialized equipment needed to scan documents as varied as paper, photographs, large-format documents, and even bound technical books. In addition, clients count on the company's secure facility for the long-term storage of those physical documents.

Information Management and Destruction Services from ARMS Inc
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Source: ARMS Inc