News | March 19, 2008

CorasWorks Announces Data Integration Toolset For Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

CorasWorks Corporation recently announced the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset ("Toolset") for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. With the Toolset, organizations can build powerful business applications that integrate data from SharePoint Server 2007, the Business Data Catalog, database systems, enterprise applications and the web. The Toolset's combination of flexible displays, enterprise mashups and data integration features empower architects and developers, enabling them to build scalable business applications on the SharePoint Server 2007 platform that had previously been too complex, expensive and time-consuming.

"The vision of Enterprise 2.0 Business Applications is now practical for all SharePoint Server 2007 users." said Gary Voight, CEO of CorasWorks. "CorasWorks has always provided business value by enabling our customers to snap-together solutions on the SharePoint Server 2007 platform. With the Data Integration Toolset, we are extending our modular system, enabling organizations to transform SharePoint Server 2007 into an interactive front-end environment that leverages all their enterprise data."

The power of the Toolset is that it drives SharePoint Server 2007 as an interactive application platform for business data and processes, no matter where data resides. The Toolset provides an efficient way for organizations to dynamically read and write data from multiple sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, remote SharePoint Server 2007 and 2003,, Google, IBM WebSphere, ADO data sources, any web service-enabled application, or any XML stream such as RSS Feeds.

"The Data Integration Toolset has completely transformed our ability to build robust modular business applications on the SharePoint Server 2007 platform" said Linc Williams, Vice President i3solutions, Inc. "With the Toolset, we've been able to deliver a whole new class of SharePoint Server 2007 based business applications to our clients, saving them time and money, and letting them get even greater value from their investment in SharePoint Server 2007."

With the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset, organizations can:

  • Transform any SharePoint Server 2007 or external data source into an XML feed that can be used for multiple purposes
  • Read and write both SharePoint Server 2007 and external data
  • Use the Toolset's pre-configured displays or create custom displays
  • Create interactive Enterprise mashup displays
  • Provide SharePoint Server 2007 data to other applications that support integration of XML

"We are excited by CorasWorks' introduction of their Data Integration Toolset to the SharePoint Products and Technologies community," said Tom Rizzo, Director of SharePoint at Microsoft. "By enabling interactive mashups and Enterprise 2.0 Business Applications within SharePoint, the CorasWorks Toolset provides value to SharePoint customers."

A hands-on demonstration of the power and flexibility of CorasWorks Application Toolset is available online at Visitors can see for themselves the possibilities that the Toolset brings to SharePoint Server 2007. The Toolset is also further extended by an interactive online community site that provides an environment for users to share best practices, and download additional components and implementations.

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SOURCE: CorasWorks Corporation