White Paper

White Paper: Converting And Viewing Multiple Document Formats With A Single, Straightforward Solution

Source: LEAD Technologies Inc.
Converting And Viewing Documents

Most companies send and receive a wide variety of documents, and converting those documents into formats that can easily be annotated, stored and retrieved has become an increasingly complex and time consuming task. Developing the software tools necessary to perform these conversions has become equally complex.

Many conversions are simple and straightforward. For example, you can easily convert a Microsoft Word document into a PDF file and then view the PDF, annotate it and save it. But what if the original document was a TIFF file? Is it just as easy to convert a TIFF to a PDF and then view, annotate and save the new file? What if you have 10 different file types to view, annotate and save, and what if those different files are both raster images and vector documents? And what if your job requirements specify that you can only complete this task in one application, using one viewer control? Suddenly, the conversion process is no longer so simple.

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