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Content Management: Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Uses Kofax Technology To Increase Member Service, Streamline Business Processes

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Kofax Document Scan Server Bridges the Gap Between the Back and Front Office; Creates a Better Transactional Information Capture Environment

Kofax (LSE:DCM - News), the world's largest information capture vendor, today announced that Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU), one of the top ten credit unions in the United States, is using the Kofax Document Scan Server in its branch locations throughout Texas. Digital Storage Solutions, a Kofax Certified Solution Provider and Business Process Consultant, designed the solution utilizing the Kofax Document Scan Server as part of a business process re-engineering project. This initiative included full-scale custom development, including a Web-based component and integration with existing RBFCU systems.

The Document Scan Server, a key component of the Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange Suite, is an award-winning hardware/software solution that is designed to scan-enable any existing business application such as content management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply-chain management to reduce the cost and complexity of capture deployments. The Kofax Document Scan Server can also be used with Kofax's Ascent® Capture to extend deployments to distributed locations.

"By using Kofax's approach to integrating electronic and paper-based document capture into our mainstream business processes, we've created a bridge between the back office and the front while changing the way we handle documents from batch-based to transactional," said Ken Truitt, RBFCU's system administrator. "It is a smoother, swifter process that reduces costs and allows us to serve our members more quickly and efficiently. Digital Storage Solutions was a key partner in designing and integrating all of the components, enabling us to achieve our project goals and expand the capabilities of our loan origination processes."

RBFCU installed the Kofax Document Scan Server to facilitate the capture of loan-related documentation remotely from its branches to better service loan requests centrally. As a result, the Kofax Document Scan Server helped pave the way for credit union members to be able to walk into a branch, initiate a video conference with a specialist and provide their documentation which is scanned and integrated with the credit union's server-side enterprise systems. Members' loan documentation is then immediately available to any loan officer, no matter where he or she is located.

The Document Scan Server has enabled this process without requiring RBFCU to deploy dedicated PCs for scanning throughout its branches. In addition, the Document Scan Server has also eliminated the need to create, install, and maintain specialized client-side software, which has translated to a substantial cost savings for RBFCU.

"We continue to hear positive feedback from our partners and customers about how the Kofax Document Scan Server is helping to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs - all while streamlining business processes," said Rob Klatell, chief executive officer of Kofax's parent company, DICOM Group. "We see enormous potential for customers to expand their Document Scan Server deployments with the soon to be released components of the Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange Suite for an increasingly integrated capture and communication environment."

RBFCU uses Kofax products to integrate with other systems, including voice and e-mail. Information is seamlessly captured, exchanged and transformed end-to-end. In addition, RBFCU officers can pull up the application and supporting (scanned) documents in a browser. A loan process that once may have taken days to process can now be completed at the time the customer fills out the application.

"At Digital Storage Solutions, we work closely with our clients to streamline and automate their document-centric business processes and develop client-specific solutions, such as the re-engineering work we recently did for RBFCU," said Glenn Grilli, business development manager, Digital Storage Solutions. "The Kofax Document Scan Server has opened up new opportunities for us to help our customers remotely perform document processing and better integrate their information capture environments."

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