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Comprehensive Guide To A Successful IoT Implementation

Field Service Predicted To See M2M And IoT Growth

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved to much more than a buzzword, as GSMA forecasts the IoT revenue opportunity to be worth $1.1 trillion by 2025 . IoT-enabled technologies are emerging in all areas of the business world, transforming business models and enabling the creation of new products and services across virtually every industry. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are jumping to claim their piece of the IoT pie; however, only 15% of business executives considered their IoT project to be a complete success. To further compound this, 66% of organizations claimed that executing an IoT solution proved to be much more difficult than expected. This is largely because many businesses fail to accurately assess what they know about IoT technologies, what they have in terms of resources to execute an IoT deployment, and what is involved in implementing their IoT solution.

To help organizations prepare themselves for IoT success and overcome common IoT deployment challenges, this eBook will explore seven critical steps organizations should take to efficiently get their IoT solution to market, from both a cost and speed-of-execution standpoint, and achieve the highest possible ROI.